5 Benefits of a Business Phone System


The business phone system is arguably the lifeblood of your company. As a basic level, it helps make it possible to place and receive calls. But it does so much more than that. It’s a tool for communicating, building relationships, serving customers, and improving productivity. It should be considered one of the most valuable assets your company can possess.

Have you ever found yourself in a panic after realizing your business phone lines are down? You have an upcoming call with an important client, and you find yourself unable to communicate with the customer. Your customers rely heavily on you to provide support on your products and services, and all of a sudden they have no way to reach you via phone. Losing the ability to communicate with clients, colleagues, and partners not only reduces productivity, but also projects instability and a sense of unreliability.

In recent times, companies are turning towards Voice over IP (VoIP) for business class phone systems. VoIP services, such as handSIP from Imecom, allow you to make and receive calls over an IP network, such as the Internet. There are tremendous benefits to VoIP and hosted phone systems. A truly effective business phone system will offer many benefits. Here we will cover some of the main ones.


Communication is more than just calling and voice mail. An effective hosted PBX phone system will provide powerful calling features like presence status, conferencing, interactive voice response (IVR), and voice mail to email help to enhance the user experience. Integrating with third party systems such as CRM can help increase efficiency and productivity. Business phone systems like handSIP Hosted PBX are truly unified communications platforms. If communicating over the phone is a vital part of your business, these are key benefits.


A good business phone system will offer collaboration tools like instant messaging (IM), web conferencing, auto conferencing, desktop sharing, and video conferencing that help employees communicate effectively. Collaboration tools not only increase user productivity, but also help build relationships with customers and improve team building among your employees.


Having your business phone system monitored 24x7 may in fact be one of the greatest benefits of cloud PBX. If you experience an issue with your phone system or VoIP service, why not have experts you trust monitor your system and take immediate responsive actions when necessary?


One important aspect of a business phone system is determining who has control. If you don’t want to manage your phone system, a cloud PBX like handSIP Hosted PBX is a great option. handSIP offers all of the same robust functionality found in an on premise PBX, but it’s managed by our expert VoIP team. If you prefer to deploy and managed the PBX on premise, and connect it to a VoIP provider like handSIP VoIP Trunking, we offer solutions for this too. Onsite PBX is perfect for companies that like to maintain full control of systems and applications and have the IT resources to do it, whereas cloud PBX is a better choice for companies that no longer want to manage their phone system or telephony infrastructure in house, or don’t have the IT resources internally to manage it effectively.

Peace of Mind

A business phone system that provides the ability to monitor calls and report on call activity for internal and external employees gives you all of the information you need to know to help streamline record keeping.

If your current business phone system is not delivering the features and benefits your business needs, or the cost to maintain and support the equipment is too high, it’s time to explore how a new system can help enhance the user experience, increase user productivity, and improve your bottom line. Talk with a VoIP specialist about your specific business needs are and we’ll help design a solution that’s right for you.