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FlowVox Has Arrived!

New Operator Panel/CTI software for Asterisk-based PBX systems is available from Imecom.

FlowVox Asterisk Operator Panel

Imecom is excited to announce the release of our newest software product – FlowVox. FlowVox is the next generation of call management software for Asterisk-based PBX systems. While FlowVox primarily functions as an operator panel for Asterisk, it goes well beyond that.

What is FlowVox?

FlowVox is a Java-based Operator Panel/Computer Telephony Interface for Asterisk PBX Systems. It’s designed to streamline calling and call flow/management by automating the typical procedures you would perform using a traditional desk phone. FlowVox substantially reduces the time it takes to make and manage calls, and decreases physical interaction with your desk phone.

FlowVox Features

FlowVox GA Release 1.0.1 includes some exciting new features and enhancements. Main highlights include:

  • Drag-and-drop call management
  • Refined user interface providing a more streamlined experience and better utilization of desktop space.
  • Ability to transfer active calls with single-click and drag/drop operation.
  • Park and retrieve parked calls with ease.
  • View and manage voice mail messages within the FlowVox user interface
  • Bulk user import available for Active Directory and other LDAP directory systems
  • Sync FlowVox with your Gmail and contacts

What Asterisk Versions/Distributions Are Supported?

FlowVox supports FreePBX, PBX In A Flash (PIAF), AsteriskNOW, Elastix, and in general, Astersik 1.8 or newer. We are actively working on testing other distributions. If you presently use a specific Asterisk distribution or Asterisk-based PBX and you would like to use FlowVox, we are more than happy to work with you to test and establish compatibility.

Can I Test FlowVox?

Absolutely. Click here to try FlowVox free for 14 days. Remote installation and Support is available free of charge during all trials.


For more information on FlowVox Asterisk Operator Panel software, visit and follow FlowVox on: