Oh, the studies! Researches are so interested in us Millennials and learning what it takes to employ us and keep us employed, happily. Studies are showing that this generation will make up about 46% of the workforce by 2020…. 46%! So what does a Millennial look for when finding a satisfying employer and what does it have to do with Hosted PBX products and services? Let me explain…

Gone are the days of great employees being content with sitting at a cube in the same office each day of the work week. Employers need to understand that technology allows them to give their employees the utmost respect and privileges by allowing them a nourishing work-life balance. Isn’t that what it’s all about respect, privileges, and the benefit of a work-life balance?

Imagine you are Sr. VP of an organization that is tasked with hiring a Client Services Department. These representatives are at the forefront of making sure your clients are happy and more importantly, when they are not happy making them happy! When interviewing for these positions you need to let your candidates know that it is imperative they are by their phones M-F 8-5 except for a lunch break. A ringing phone in this department needs attention each time. In your candidates mind: What about snowy mornings or incoming snow storms that impact commutes? What about when my kid is sick? What about when I need a new dishwasher delivered mid-day? What about when I feel fine enough to come in during a headcold but I rather not spread my germs to my co-works?  I will NOT use a sick day!

Each a valid question and concern. Imagine if you could answer these concerns with a “No problem, you can work from wherever you may be because each of our employees has the capability to work efficiently from any remote location, even from their car.” Now you have just perked the interest of that talented, ambitious, career-oriented Millennial! Furthermore, a Millennial who lives…well, anywhere! Oh, and don’t forget about yourself Sr. VP you are able to work from airports, hotel rooms, or client offices.

Hosted PBX Solutions are just that… A SOLUTION! These products are so feature rich that any employee can work from under any roof and feel as though they are under just one roof with the rest of their organization and each location within the organization. These solutions are truly the easiest and most cost-effective way to run an efficient workplace while giving your employees some well-deserved perks.

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