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Does Use it Fax Service support automatic inbound fax routing?

Absolutely. Use it Fax Service can automatically route inbound faxes to single mailboxes, multiple mailboxes (copy goes to each one), shared mailboxes, and/or group addresses. Inbound faxes are routed as HTML or plain text emails with either PDF or TIFF file attachments.

Additionally, all inbound faxes are visible and accessible via the Use it Fax Service secure web client. Each end user may access his or her Fax Inbox by logging in via the secure web client. All common web browsers are supported.

Use it Fax Service performs routing based on the number dialed. Inbound fax numbers are associated with your Use it Fax Service Organization Account. The Organization Administrator may assign inbound fax numbers to one or multiple user accounts and/or groups. Imecom can also perform assignment of numbers at no additional cost.