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What type of files can Use it Messaging convert?

Use it Messaging supports numerous file attachments for outbound faxing. There are two ways to convert file attachments – on the Use it Messaging Server (recommended) or on a client workstation.

When converting files on the Use it Messaging server, a default program must be configured within the Windows operating system for the file type you want to convert. For example, if you want to fax a .DOC/.DOCX file, Microsoft Word or equivalent needs to be installed on the Use it Messaging Server. For PDF files, the free Adobe Reader, Foxit PDF Reader, or similar may be used.

For conversion at the client workstation level, a local printer driver may be installed. Use it Messaging includes two printer drivers – Faxil and Faxil/Mail. Faxil is tied to the Use it messaging desktop fax client. Faxil/Mail is tied to a MAPI client, e.g. Microsoft Outlook, which provides a convenient print-to-fax option that transitions to email-to-fax.