T.38 Fax SIP Trunking

This is how Fax over IP should be. Connect a handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunk to your fax server, IP-PBX, VoIP gateway, or fax machine/ATA to get reliable, low-cost FoIP.

Reliable faxing over low-cost T38 Fax SIP trunks.


Reduce Fax Failures

Most T.38 FoIP providers disable Error Correction Mode (ECM). WE DON’T! And there’s a darn good reason why we don’t. ECM is arguably the most important feature of faxing. That’s why we leave it enabled on all of our handSIP Fax SIP Trunks.

Use What You Have

handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunking is compatible with Useit Fax Server from Imecom, and any other IP fax solution or ATA device. Enhance what you already have and experience what FoIP is supposed to be like.


Start Faxing Today

handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunking only requires an Internet connection. We can provision new handSIP Fax SIP Trunks instantly to get you faxing reliably and immediately.

Flexible plans offer something for everyone.

Fax Server

Connect handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunks to your existing Useit Fax Server (or other fax server).

Connect your fax server to handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunks for reliable fax over IP.

IP-based Phone System

Connect handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunks to your existing IP PBX to support fax machines and fax servers.

Connect your fax machines to handSIP T.38 Fax SIP trunks using ATAs.

Fax Machines (ATAs)

Connect handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunks to your existing fax machines using ATAs.

T.38 Fax SIP Trunking supports fax servers and fax machines with ATAs.

Metered and Unlimited Plans Available.

Get high-quality, reliable T.38 fax service at a price that fits your budget.

Unlimited Plans

Unlimited inbound faxes for one flat rate.


Per-Minute Plans

Low cost per-minute plans let you pay for only the minutes you need.

Get better reliability and greater cost savings.

Significantly improve fax over IP reliability and reduce your communications costs.

handSIP business voice services provide cost-effective, reliable cloud-based VoIP SIP trunking, virtual PBX, and hosted call center services.

Reduce your fax telephony costs through pricing plans that best suit your needs.


Instantly provision new T.38 Fax SIP Trunks and start faxing today!


Connect your Fax Server or your IP-PBX to handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunks.


Connect your fax machines to handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunks using ATA devices.


Designed by experts with decades of experience in fax technology.


Easily port existing fax numbers and get new fax numbers.

Free Trial

Free Trial

Too many fax failures with your current provider?

Plug n' Play

Connect your fax server or ATA device to handSIP and start faxing today.


Reliable T.38

T.38 SIP Trunking with ECM enabled = reliable FoIP.


Keep Your Numbers

Port your existing fax numbers over to handSIP.


Exceptional service and support based in the US.

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