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Does Use it Messaging support automatic inbound fax routing?

Absolutely. Use it Messaging can automatically route inbound faxes to a variety of destinations based on a variety of methods./p>

Routing Methods

The following methods may be employed for automatic inbound fax routing.

  1. DID/DNIS * – This refers to routing inbound faxes based on the number dialed.
  2. DTMF – Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) requires the sending party to enter an extension number when sending a fax.
  3. CSID – Call Subscriber ID (CSID) refers to the identification of the sending party’s fax device, e.g. fax machine, fax server, etc.
  4. CallerID – Unique number of the calling party.
  5. Line Routing – Refers to the ability to route an inbound fax based on the port or line used to receive the fax.
  6. Date – The date on which a fax is received.
  7. Time – Time period during which a fax is received.
  8. Error – Routing based on a specific error event or error code.

* DID/DNIS routing is the most popular and effective method for automatic inbound fax routing.

Routing Destinations

The following represent common inbound fax routing destinations supported by Use it Messaging.

  • User mailboxes
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Distribution lists
  • Network shares
  • Network printers
  • Databases