Secure Hosted Fax Service

HIPAA compliant secure fax service with fast, guaranteed delivery of PHI and confidential information.

End-to-end secure fax with fast, guaranteed delivery.

Send and receive faxes securely in a fraction of the time using the world’s largest fax ecosystem, employing military-grade encryption and hybrid cloud technology to provide 100% secure communications.


Virtual document and fax transport service


Remote SEN peers experience real-time fax communications


Secure, guaranteed delivery to other peers within the SEN network


“SENt” faxes are routed “in-network” and never traverse an external telephone network


Operates much like a phone company to provide a virtual fax transport

Powerful features that help you become HIPAA compliant.

Secure, rapid delivery of your faxed PHI and PII… Guaranteed.




Guaranteed secure delivery


Mark secure faxes as “SENt” for compliance purposes


All communications on the Useit Fax/SEN network are secured


HIPAA compliant


PCI DSS compliant

Reliable and Fast


Built-in Redundancy


Secure faxes are marked as “SENt” for reporting purposes


A 50 page fax that would normally take 30 minutes to transmit is SENt in seconds

Expand Your Reach


Exchange information securely with any other Useit Fax/SEN customer


World’s largest secure fax communication network


Secure fax ecosystem that continues to expand and grow

Everything you need for secure PHI delivery.

Secure faxing is is available for Useit Hybrid Fax Servers and hosted Useit Fax Services.

Useit Hybrid Fax Server

A combination of on premise Useit Fax Software and hosted fax services. Run only the core fax software on a virtual server and connect out to our cloud fax network.

Useit Fax Service

Let us manage your faxing needs with our powerful hosted Useit Fax Service. Choose from a variety of monthly and annual plans, and keep your existing fax numbers!

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