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Does Use it Messaging support server virtualization?

Yes you can!

Use it Messaging Premise and Use it Messaging Hybrid may be deployed on hypervisors such as VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen. In general, fax server virtualization is possible when no hardware is present within the fax server architecture.

With Use it Messaging Premise, you have the option of using virtual driver software from Dialogic (Brooktrout SR140) and TE-Systems (XCAPI). The virtual driver software replaces hardware modems and PCI fax cards that once were common in fax server implementations. Virtual driver software functions similar to a traditional modem or fax card, however it is used to route fax traffic over IP via your VoIP network or service. There is no telephony line termination at the fax server – the fax server simply needs a connection to your network and connectivity with your IP telephony services.

Use it Messaging Hybrid combines premise fax software with cloud fax services. In essence, you’re moving your fax boards/virtual driver software and fax telephony to the cloud. There is no hardware present with a Use it Messaging Hybrid system. All that’s required is Internet connectivity.