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What type of fax boards does Use it Messaging support?

Hardware Fax Boards

Use it Messaging Premise supports the following hardware fax cards from Dialogic.

  • Brootkrout TR1034 Digital T1/E1
  • Brootkrout TR1034 Analog and Analog DID
  • Brooktrout TruFax Analog

Virtual Fax Driver Software (FoIP)

Use it Messaging also supports the following virtual fax driver software.

  • Brooktrout SR140 by Dialogic
  • XCAPI by TE-Systems

Virtual fax driver software is used for routing fax traffic over IP networks, typically via an IP-PBX, VoIP Gateway, or over SIP trunks from a VoIP servcie provider. Implementing Use it Messaging with virtual driver software also enables you to completely virtualize your fax architecture on VMWare, Hyper-V, or Xen.