Virtual Data Center With a Personal Touch

Learn how handVirtual sets itself apart from the rest of the pack with personalized data center services backed by stellar support.

What’s so great about handVIRTUAL?

To be blunt, we manage everything for you and at a fraction of the traditional cost of maintaining your own data center.

handVIRTUAL is a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). You no longer need to worry about managing hardware, communications, security, storage, or data center infrastructure. We take care of all of that for you.


Each aspect of the Data Center (computing, storage, networking, etc.) is fully coordinated by “smart software” independent of the hardware. This allows us to automate provisioning, location, configuration, and control, minimizing manual intervention and separating it from the hardware.

Expert Advice

Get expert advice on the best ways to design your virtual data center architecture and execute migration and deployment. We don’t have a self-service online shop. handVIRTUAL is hand-designed specifically for you and what you actually need.

Resource Management

Growth is progressive for all resources, and you are free to redistribute resources among your virtual machines at any time. handVIRTUAL is your virtual data center – you decide how many servers to deploy and the resources each consumes.


handVIRTUAL can integrate with any physical devices that you need or want to continue using. Leverage our knowledge and experience, and allow us to perform the necessary integration with your environment.


Select the right storage level (performance) for your business needs. High-level backup systems, with static conservation to tape, are put in place and managed by us.

Cost Reduction

Reduce your IT budget expenditures by migrating to handVIRTUAL. There’s no costly up-front investment in hardware/software infrastructures or in staff to manage them. We build, provision, and manage your virtual data center for you, at a fraction of the cost.


We'll Manage Everything

handVIRTUAL is more than virtual servers. We take care of all elements of your virtual data center, including switches, routers, firewalls, and backup systems, data protection center cooling, power, etc. – for one low monthly cost.

Always Available

This is your data center, running your business. We take that very seriously. High availability, perimeter security, Internet access, and load balancing are just some of the aspects that we’ve covered to ensure your data center services are always available.

Freedom to Move

We never want to see a customer go, but it happens. With handVIRTUAL, you are not a “captive” customer. Should you decide to move to a different provider, we will assist with the transition.