HIPAA compliant services.

Do you know the importance of secure online fax solutions?

In today’s world, it’s hard but crucial to find a cloud faxing solution that is secure and compliant. Take your healthcare provider for example, they send and receive faxes all day long with sensitive information that needs to stay confidential. Now that actual fax machines are becoming archaic the solutions out there need to be compliant with today’s regulations. These solutions that provide us with the convenience of inbound and outbound fax to e-mail are risky if not guaranteed to be following compliances.

Although it is tempting to believe that faxing is being taken over by e-mailing please know that this is far from the truth. Those online fax solutions that are truly compliant provide a much safer atmosphere for sensitive documents traveling through the cloud. Faxing is by no means being left behind. At Alhambra the data from our Use It Fax clients’ receive the utmost protection. Our clients from all over the world, are often in the Healthcare industry so we are trained and compliant with the ever-changing regulations.

If you have the need now or expect to have the need in the future for online faxing please consider using Alhambra. We have been in the fax business for over 25 years and know what we are doing. Whether you need an on-premise fax server, hosted fax services, or a managed server, let us help you implement the perfect solution that is right for your organization. Not only do you get the expertise from us but more importantly you will receive a level of customer service that you are probably no longer used to. All of our services are backed by our integrity and support and we want to make sure all of our clients will be using us for years to come.

Reach out to us today to learn more about this service an our many other integrated communications solutions.