Moving fax operations to the cloud is an important step in reducing costs, simplifying your technology infrastructure, and ensuring document reliability. Companies understand that fax is here to stay, and getting the most value out of their lines of communication can positively impact the entire organization.

However, the transition of equipment servers to a cloud service can be complicated, especially when it comes to choosing the right solution provider. To assist with this important decision, we compiled the top four reasons for choosing our Cloud Fax Services:


Maintaining an equipment infrastructure and / or fax servers is more than a headache for an IT department. Fax cloud services address this problem effectively, turning the fax into an additional alternative. With no more infrastructure to maintain, support, or upgrade, IT resources can be assigned to high-priority projects while time can be invested in higher-value tasks. The cloud’s self-sustaining nature not only enables IT managers to avoid the time spent solving problems with daily fax traffic, but also ensures that they are automatically on the technological front line with product updates and maintenance.


Hardware and software licenses. Maintenance and Updates. Telecommunications and telephony. When you add up all the expenses involved in operating an on-premise fax server, it is not surprising that companies look for alternatives.

Cloud Fax is the ideal solution for low risk and fast results in terms of savings, providing predictability and fixed costs of structures, with the flexibility to accommodate business growth and changing needs.

With this system, companies can reduce the costs of sending faxes by up to 50% thanks to:

  • No need for fax boards or modems.
  • No need for PBX updates
  • No need to dedicate telephone lines
  • No hardware or phone maintenance costs


Moving your fax needs to the cloud can be a controversial decision, especially when there are unanswered questions about document security.

The transfer of data into our Fax Services at Alhambra IT is done via SSL, the same encryption system used for banking transactions. Server platforms use internal redundancies to protect data in case of hardware failures, while 24/7 data centers and servers act as backups to ensure business continuity without interruption.

In addition, for Healthcare customers, we offer compliance with the HIPAA / HITECH safety standard, which demonstrates our commitment to safety at ePHI.


How do most companies prepare themselves to maintain their success?  Making the most out of every opportunity. And one of the biggest successes is to increase the supervision and control over every operation. With cloud fax services, you can track and report in real-time through the entire incoming and outgoing process, with immediate status notifications and extensive reporting capabilities available in your ERP or business application. Improved visibility saves time, avoiding the loss of faxes. It also gives users the option to resubmit or solve any problem on their own and allows managers to manage jobs as well as identify possible bottlenecks in advance.