Does your fax solution allow you to send AND receive faxes in the cloud? Incoming fax to email is very common but often providers are only able to provide end users with the one way in fax. What are you doing for outbound faxing in the cloud? Are you required to scan a document and send e-mail to e-mail or do you need to head to the closest analog fax machine? In-the-cloud faxing for both inbound and outbound faxing solutions are becoming more and more of a demand and these demands are coming from organizations with sensitive information who need their faxing solution to be secure and compliant. So now the bigger and most important question becomes what are you doing to keep your faxing secure?

Let’s take the banking and healthcare industry. How often do they need to fax very sensitive client information? Prescriptions, medical records, SSN, account numbers etc… Each of us consider these pieces of information very personal and we trust that our banks and healthcare providers are keeping up with growing compliance regulations.  Meeting these regulations increases operational costs but ignoring compliance can be far costlier.  Let us go over most common concerns and solutions for cloud faxing:

Top 3 concerns of faxing in the Cloud and how our UseIt Fax service takes on these concerns

Security – As discussed above security is always on the forefront of any sender or receiver. Faxing is one of the most universal and secure forms of messaging and document delivery and used widely among industries such as Healthcare, Banking, and Insurance. Each of these industries are tightly regulated and examined for their document transporting methods.

Regulatory Compliance – HIPAA, PHI, FINRA are just a few and common external regulations that companies face today. When you are choosing a fax in the cloud solution it is crucial to verify that the solution is compliant and ask questions! How are delivering to be compliant? Encryption? What are they doing to stay up to date with compliance standards? Remember that any vendor can grab the HIPAA logo and place it on their collateral.

Cost – There are a variety of factors to consider when picking a vendor or solution. Does your vendor offer customized packaging? Should you have to pay for 200 pages a month when you are averaging around 40? Is there a minimum to meet? Is there a volume max? Or is it a cost per page solution?

How does Useit Fax help you with the above?

–        Useit Fax automatically extracts sender and recipient information and securely delivers faxes only to the intended eyes.

–        Our Useit Fax solution is great for healthcare professionals as it allows integration for Epic EMR/HER providing secure automated distribution of PHI in accordance with compliance regulations.

–        Useit Fax offers encryptions services to further ensure the information being sent is solely being seen by sender and intended receiver(s).

–        We have customized pricing for our service that is specifically for you and your changing needs.


Last and most important our company will provide you with outstanding customer service that you are no longer used to receiving from your providers.