Imecom Fax Server Now Supports XCAPI T.38 Fax/Softfax Middleware Driver


Imecom is pleased to announce support for the XCAPI T.38 Fax/Softfax virtual fax board middleware software used in our virtual fax server and fax over IP solutions.

With XCAPI, the Useit Fax Server can be used in almost any VoIP environment. XCAPI supports fax transmission via T.38 both in H.323 and in the SIP environments. If your VoIP infrastructure does not support T.38, the XCAPI middleware can modulate the audio fax tones over conventional ITU_T G.711 voice channels.

Maximum Compatibility

Using the various options in the XCAPI configuration, the performance of the XCAPI middleware can be specifically adjusted for the remote stations, which guarantees maximum compatibility.

Transmission Rate

XCAPI supports standard transmission rates from 2,400 bps to 14,4000 bps – both for normal resolutions from 98 lpi and a higher resolution of 196 lpi. Furthermore, each of these combinations work with T.38 as well as G.711.

Compression and Error Correction

XCAPI supports the current data compression methods – T.4 and T.6. This shortens the transmission which results in a reduction of communication costs. XCAPI also supports error correction (ECM), which can greatly improve overall reliability of fax transmission.


The XCAPI driver is interoperable with many of the IP-PBX, VoIP Gateway, and SIP trunking platforms used today. Here are a handful of notable VoIP platforms that are supported by XCAPI:

  • handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunking
  • Cisco CallManager/Unified Communication Manager versions 4 through 10
  • Avaya Aura Communication Manager and Avaya IP-Office
  • Mitel 3300 ICP
  • AudioCodes Mediant 1000 and MP-114 gateways
  • Alcatell-Lucent OmniPCX
  • Nortel CS1000
  • ShoreTel
  • Siemens HiPath
  • Samsung OfficeServ
  • Dialogic DMG series gateways
  • SIP trunking providers
  • Many other IP-PBX systems and VoIP Gateways

The main requirement on the IP telephony infrastructure side is support for the T.38 protocol. If your VoIP infrastructure supports T.38, the Imecom Fax Server with XCAPI can be used for real-time FoIP.

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