Imecom, Inc, a leading provider of on-premise fax servers and Hybrid fax solutions, has launched Useit Fax Service (, a new cloud-based online fax service.

Useit Fax Service from Imecom

Useit Fax Service provides companies of all sizes the ability to send and receive electronic faxes using any email client, web browser, MFP/MFP, application, or mobile device.

Fax Using Your Email Client

Useit Fax Service is compatible with all email servers and services, including premise and hosted Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Mail, Novell GroupWise, IBM Notes, and Zimbra, to name a few. Any Useit Fax Service user may send, receive, and manage faxes using their existing email client without having to install any new software. Faxes are treated just like regular emails.

Secure Web Portal

Useit Fax Service features a secure web portal that allows end users to send, receive, and manage electronic faxes using any web browser. Simply log in to the Useit Fax Service web portal and access all your electronic faxes, fax logs and queues, address books and contacts lists, etc.

MFP Fax Integration

Leverage your existing MFPs/MFDs to scan and fax hard copy documents via Useit Fax Service. Scan your document, slect scan to email recipient, enter the recipient fax number suing the format, and send your fax. Or, use our custom Scan-to-fax integration for HP, Xerox, and Lexmark MFPs.

Affordable Pricing

Useit Fax Service is available on a month-to-month basis, or annually. Numerous volume tiers allow you to choose the plan that best suits your fax volume demands. Best of all, you’re not locked into any one plan. You are free to adjust your plan as needed on a monthly basis. Additionally, there is no per-user fee, so you may add as many users to your Useit Fax Service account as needed. View pricing plans.

Port Your Existing Fax Number

Port your existing fax numbers over to Useit Fax Service and receive your faxes via email. Full and partial porting is available. And if you decide to move on from Useit Fax Service (we hope you don’t), you are free to port numbers away.

No Busy Signals

Never miss another important fax! Useit Fax Service has virtually unlimited capacity to transmit and receive faxes. When you port your fax numbers over to Useit Fax Service, they will never ring busy.

Web Services API

Integrate your applications with Useit Fax Service to automate fax transmission and reception. Configure your application to communicate with our REST web services API, or use our XML module. read more.