Useit Fax Solutions offers a built-in Fax/Mail for MAPI printer driver that enables you to perform a print-to-fax operation at a workstation/desktop level. Documents and files printed to the driver are rendered to fax (TIFF) format first and then automatically attached to a new mail message within the default mail client.

The new features for the Fax/Mail for MAPI printer driver enable you to define a custom subject and custom message body for the new fax/mail messages. Text for the custom subject and message body is read from template files stored within the printer driver installation directory.

This new feature is particularly useful if you need to add a disclaimer to the bottom of all correspondence or if you simply want to have the printer driver automatically populate the subject and/or message body so that the end users do not have to spend time doing so.

The new feature will be incorporated into the next release of the Imecom Fax Server software, but for those looking to take advantage of the new features immediately, a patch can be applied to current Imecom Fax Server v8.30 deployments.

For additional information on obtaining and applying the new feature, or general instructions for installing the printer driver, please contact Imecom Group Technical Support at 603.569.0600 or